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Gabion Mesh Baskets

Gabion wire baskets are often used for garden or architectural landscaping and are highly durable and cost-effective.



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What are gabion baskets used for?

A gabion is a large cage or basket which is used for civil engineering, landscaping and road building, often to stabilise earth movement on slopes, control rivers and reservoirs, or to create retaining walls.

What do you fill gabion cages with?

Gabion baskets are usually filled with rubble, stones, and hard-core between 100-200mm in diameter, with a layer of decorative stone at the front (particularly if used for landscaping or in home gardens).

How do you install these cages?

They arrive flat packed, and should be opened out and placed in the required position on a concrete or compacted hard-core base. Gabion cages can then be joined with a continuous lacing operation, helicals, or ‘C’ rings. The cages are then filled, ensuring there are minimal spaces between the stones to limit movement. If you are designing a gabion wall, it is important to seek professional advice to avoid common mistakes such as bulging, uneven surfaces and poor stone choice.

Do I need a foundation for a gabion?

Most gabion cages, baskets, or walls don’t require concrete foundations, although it is important that you erect them on a flat surface, removing top soil and building on a basecourse.


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