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Chain Link Fencing

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How much does it cost to install chain link fence?
This depends on your location, the length of your fence and the type of chain link fencing that you have purchased.  A traditional chainlink fence installed with concrete will take longer than fencing that is installed with ground spikes.  The average range that you can expect to pay is £500-£1,500.

Can a fox climb a chain link fence?
Fences over 6ft will supposedly prevent foxes from getting over them.  However, they have been filmed (see YouTube) climbing trees and scrambling over 6ft fences. Although we haven’t seen a fox climb a chainlink fence it is likely that a hungry and/or persistent fox will be able to.

Our advice would be to install a fence over 6ft or enclose your area with a roof if at all possible.

How deep in the ground do fence posts need to be?

The posts should be 1/3 the length of the post.  For example;

  • 6ft post = 2ft in the ground
  • 5ft post = 1.6ft in the ground
  • 4ft post = 1.3ft in the ground


How much concrete do you need for a fence post?

For an average size post, you will need around 150mm of concrete.

Can cats climb chainlink fencing?

Yes, they can.  There isn’t much a cat cant climb and they will try to climb anything that looks sturdy.


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